Learn to Code, Prep for Interviews, & Other Helpful Data Science Resources and Information for Beginners

Hi everyone, I’ve compiled a list of useful websites and information to help you in whatever stage of the process you are, whether you’re starting your journey in data science, interviewing with companies, negotiating an offer, or just looking to continue to learn more.

This includes interview prep resources, post…

Learn how to create tables and query for data in SQLite as well as access SQLite from Pandas

Welcome to an easy beginners guide to SQLite. In this article, you’ll learn about what SQLite is, how to connect to databases, create tables, insert and query for data, and access SQLite in Pandas. I am assuming that you have a basic understanding of SQL and my focus in the…

How to web scrape product titles and prices on eBay with Python

In this article, we will go through an easy example of how to scrape the product listing titles of crime books from the first page of eBay using Python. This is intended for beginners who are looking to practice web scraping, so everything is broken down into simple steps.


Julia Kho

Passionate about creative problem solving and telling stories with data.

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