Learn to Code, Prep for Interviews, & Other Helpful Data Science Resources and Information for Beginners

Hi everyone, I’ve compiled a list of useful websites and information to help you in whatever stage of the process you are, whether you’re starting your journey in data science, interviewing with companies, negotiating an offer, or just looking to continue to learn more.

This includes interview prep resources, post…

Basics of Git for Reviewing Code and Undoing Changes

Now that you’ve learned the basics on how to use Git from my article An Easy Beginner’s Guide to Git Part 1, let’s do some more exercises to become comfortable with using and navigating Git.

You’ve seen how Git can track what changes were made, who made the change, when…

How to web scrape product titles and prices on eBay with Python

In this article, we will go through an easy example of how to scrape the product listing titles of crime books from the first page of eBay using Python. This is intended for beginners who are looking to practice web scraping, so everything is broken down into simple steps.


Getting Started

Learn the Basics of Git in Just 12 Minutes

If you’re new to coding, you’re definitely going to want to learn about Git!

Git is a distributed version control software that basically allows multiple people to work in parallel and it saves a history of all changes made. …

Tips and Tricks for Working with Simple JSON and Nested JSON files

In this article, you will learn how to read, parse, and write JSON files in Python. I will talk about how to best handle simple JSON files as well as nested JSON files. In addition, I will discuss how to access specific values in the data.

What is JSON?

JSON (Java Script Object…

Optimize Your Work in Jupyter With These Hacks


In the data science community, Jupyter notebook is a popular tool with strong adoption. This article is meant to share cool tips and tricks to help you become more efficient while utilizing Jupyter notebook. …

Customize Venn Diagrams with 2 Groups or 3 Groups

Venn diagrams are great for illustrating the relationship between two or three groups; you can easily see the commonalities and differences. This article will show you how to create Venn diagrams in Python and how to customize the diagrams to your liking.

How to Create Venn Diagram

First of all, you will have to install…

A heatmap is a graphical representation of data in which data values are represented as colors. That is, it uses color in order to communicate a value to the reader. …

Dataframe for all your data exploration needs

Pandas is the most popular Python library for data manipulation and data analysis. It is a must know for all data scientists!

The two Pandas data structures are:

  1. Pandas DataFrame
  2. Pandas Series

I like to think of the Pandas Dataframe almost like an excel table. You have rows and columns…

The NumPy library is an important Python library for Data Scientists and it is one that you should be familiar with. Numpy arrays are like Python lists, but much better! It’s much easier manipulating a Numpy array than manipulating a Python list. You can use one Numpy array in place…

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